What is your shipping policy?
We offer free shipping in Canada. More policy info here.

Where do we ship?

We only sell and ship within Canada at this time. We'll be adding more countries as soon as we can. 

Can we ship to PO Boxes?

No. We strongly suggest using a street address or you risk having your package be undeliverable or very difficult to get your mitts on. Packages might get delivered to a PO Box if you include it but street addresses are best.

Our shopping cart might accept a PO Box, but that doesn't guarantee your package can be shipped there. So, please ensure you provide a street address along with your PO Box. 

Good for delivery

123 Sample Road, PO Box 444, Sample BC, B0B 0B0

Good for delivery 555 Sample Street, Apt 678, PO Box 999, Sample BC, B0B 0B0
Not suggested for delivery

PO Box 111, Sample, BC, B0B 0B0

What are your shipping times?
Our shipping times have been inconsistent due to the pandemic, global supply chain issues and intense climate challenges so we have provided estimates as best we can but we cannot guarantee how long it will take for your products to arrive. 

Many products have been arriving incredibly fast and occasionally some have been quite delayed.

Why is my stuff coming from another country?

Great question! Several of the products we currently offer are only available from suppliers outside Canada so they will arrive from several different places.

Will there be import fees, customs fees and/or duties?

For items that arrive from other countries, there might be additional fees which may include (but are not limited to) import fees, customs fees and/or duties that you will be responsible for. We are neither able to ascertain nor calculate these fees (if any) in advance.

So far we haven't been charged for any import fees when ordering our samples from outside Canada.

We've ordered from our colleagues' stores (who use some of the same suppliers) and we have not seen any extra charges but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this for any orders.

How long will it take my order to process?

It typically takes 1-3 business days for orders to be processed before they are shipped but may take longer.

How fast is shipping?
Depending on where you live in Canada shipping time typically ranges from 2 to 14 business days after order processing time but we cannot guarantee this as some items coming from the United States or overseas can be take longer when crossing international borders. We do carry some items that may take longer than the 14 days so please check product descriptions.

Due to ongoing global supply chain issues, we want to warn you that there is a lot of uncertainty for shipping in Canada and around the world so significant delays are a strong possibility. Ordering our products fulfilled in Canada may speed up your delivery but due to numerous circumstances beyond our control we cannot offer any guarantees.

Does my order come with a tracking number(s)?
Yes, each order comes with a tracking number. It can sometimes take a few business days for the tracking info to be sent.

I ordered multiple items, will they be delivered in one package?
Maybe. If you've ordered multiples of the same item, there's an excellent chance it will be delivered in one package. (eg. 2 mugs will likely come in one box)

If you've ordered several different items, you will most likely receive several different packages arriving at different times and they'll each have their own tracking numbers.

Can I pay for expedited shipping?
No, unfortunately we do not offer expedited shipping at this time.

Can I pay for insured shipping?

No, we do not offer insured shipping at this time.

Can I request that a signature is required for my delivery?
No, unfortunately we cannot offer this service but once you've received your tracking number you can most definitely reach out directly to the delivery service to see if they can add this option for you.

What should I do if I can't be home for my delivery?

Please try to send the package to a location where someone will be home during usual delivery service hours. Perhaps the the home of a friend, neighbour or your workplace. 

We are not responsible for lost packages. If your package is stolen after it is delivered, you will need to file a report with either the delivery provider and/or your local police.

Unfortunately, package theft is a growing problem so here's 6 ways to outsmart porch pirates or try something like UPS Mailbox Services.

What if I ordered the wrong item/size or entered the wrong address?

If you contact us within less than 24 hours of ordering, we might be able to help but if the item(s) has already been processed and/or shipped we probably cannot help.

Please be extra careful when entering your order as our suppliers' processing times are very quick.

If I have more questions where can I go?

For any questions related to an order please email shop@lornecardinal.com or fill out the contact form and reference your order number and we will try respond in 3 to 5 business days (or sooner!).


How secure are your payment systems?

We use payment systems that are highly encrypted. See next question for payment types.

What payment types do you offer?

We accept most credit cards as well as PayPal, Google Pay, Shop Pay and Apple Pay.

Do gift cards expire or have a time limit?

Nope, they do not expire so you can rest assured you can use your gift card whenever you like! Plus, there are laws about gift cards expiring. Here's our law in BC.


How are my products packaged?
We are just as excited as you are for you to receive your Lorne merch and as we are currently working with several print-on-demand suppliers, your products will come in the suppliers' choice of packaging.

What is print-on-demand?

Excellent question and the answer will not be that surprising. Our products are custom printed for you after they're ordered.

Do you do customs designs personalized with someone's name or photo?

We are not offering custom products of this nature at this time.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk purchase discounts?

We do not offer wholesale discounts for reselling at this time. If you're looking to make a bulk purchase please email us at shop@lornecardinal.com with more information and we'll see what we can do.

Do you have any licensing and/or partnerships with other suppliers?

We're working on it but not at this time. If you see any products out there somewhere with Lorne's image (outside of his work with shows he's worked on), likeness and/or see his photography anywhere other than this website or social media channels those products may not be authorized, might be illegal and may fall under copyright infringement.

Does Lorne have products for sale anywhere else?

We're working on it! Until then, you can check out Lorne's favs on his Amazon Shops. Lorne earns a commission from qualifying purchases

Why don't you sell any Corner Gas merchandise?

We'd love to but it's not ours to sell! And it'd go against the DRPD code. We do not own the copyright or intellectual property.

You can buy some merch with the extremely handsome Sgt Davis Quinton on it over at the official Corner Gas store.



In anticipation of the 2022 opening of The Lorne Cardinal Theatre in Edmonton Alberta Canada, we are hoping to establish a scholarship in Lorne's name as well.

The Lorne Cardinal Theatre has its own funding structure and is a part of The Theatre Network ~ live at The Roxy.

The Lorne Cardinal Scholarship is Lorne's own project. Read more below.


We are in the earliest stages of establishing The Lorne Cardinal Scholarship as a way to help others follow in Lorne's footsteps with a career in a creative field - be it theatre, film/tv or both.

It's very early going and we have several organisations who've asked to be a part of the scholarship (to be announced). 

As we are not an official charitable foundation, any donations through this site will not be tax deductible (for you) and will be considered taxable income (for our company) which will be reported to CRA as such. So, we cannot issue tax receipts for any donations made.

Donations will greatly assist us in establishing this scholarship and if you're interested in making a larger donation or becoming a corporate sponsor please contact us.

We appreciate your support.


All film/tv enquiries must be sent via Lorne's reps.

We do not accept any unsolicited pitches, projects or entertainment industry related requests via this site. They will be deleted unread. Thanks in advance for forwarding your requests to the appropriate reps.


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Any images by other photographers has been either licensed or used with explicit permission.

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